Selfless Love Yoga

Selfless Love Yoga

Selfless Love Yoga
171 First Avenue
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Our intention is to lovingly welcome you exactly as you are, and to provide a safe and comforting space that nurtures and supports you on your personal journey.

We are dedicated to creating a community of love based around selflessness, aiding all of us to better connect with ourselves and those around us.

We challenge each individual to be completely present, and invite you to discover a new way of living in your body and in the world surrounding you.

As you open your heart to love and light, you will receive everything and all that you need.

We welcome you.

Our Mission

What is the Meaning Behind Selfless Love Yoga?

Selfless love is to love regardless of your own personal needs, without any attachment or expecation in return, loving wholeheartedly without any personal gain. It means that whatever you do, you do it from the heart.

This comes from a pure place within you, which does not have any preconceived notion that you will receive acknowledgement, reciprocity, or accolades in return. You are not thinking about yourself, you are only thinking of others.

Selfless Love Yoga is about bringing this to life, about spreading the joy and love that one feels when they are being selfless.

Giving Back

“Always do good to others. Be selfless. Mentally remove everything and be free. This is divine life.”

– Swami Sivanand

10% of all profits are donated to charity.

Going Green

Selfless Love Yoga attempts to make as little of an impact on the environment as possible.

All paper products are made from recycled materials.

All cleaning products are home-made from natural ingredients.

Majority of the furniture in the studio is re-purposed or hand-made from up-cycled materials.

All receipts are sent via e-mail.