Integrative Wellness Group

Integrative Wellness Group

Integrative Wellness Group
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Integrative Wellness Group is a one stop shop that collaborates various facets of healing to provide the ultimate solution to get well and stay well.  The owners Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole are both chiropractors and nutritionists that studied in the Bay Area of California.  While practicing chiropractic in Seattle, WA they came to realize that the evolution of healthcare must collaborate an approach for the mind, body, and soul to achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.   The first obstacle to their clinical practice was that many of their patients had pain that stemmed from inflammation from their diet.  This sparked their desire to continue their education on functional medicine based nutrition that utilizes blood, hair, stool, and neurotransmitter testing among other analyses.  Dr. Rivera is the functional medicine nutritionist specializing in chronic conditions such as diabetes, GI issues, autoimmune disorders, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and various other conditions.  The practice also offers a beginner based nutrition with a health coach and various other nutrition programs such as the 21 Day Cleanse and 60 Day Transformation.

The doctors opinion on what chiropractic should be is very different than the traditional chiropractic experience.  They perform full body analysis with an emphasis on neurological function before working on any individual.  The typical office visit consists of full body chiropractic to the spine and extremities, active release muscle therapy, exercise therapy, kinesiotaping, and neurological balancing.  The practice also offers Sound Wave therapy  for severe conditions, tears, strain/sprains, fractures, and arthritis.

The doctors later introduced energy healing and massage to allow their clients to have access to more healing therapies and relaxation techniques.