Coba Yoga

Coba Yoga

Coba Yoga
115 Oceanport Ave
Little Silver, NJ 07739


Our purpose is to create a friendly space to share the teachings of Yoga.  A peaceful space where men and women of all backgrounds; such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, etc… can heal their bodies, calm their minds, find their spirit, feel an internal connection with all beings, find peace in their minds, hearts, homes and ultimately in the world.

What does “Coba” mean?

Coba is an ancient spiritual Mayan city in Mexico.  Lili Avery; owner of Coba Yoga is from Mexico and has a strong connection with her ancient roots.  She wanted a name for the studio that would bring together her culture and yoga.

Besides different styles of yoga classes for all levels, we also offer massage and best of all we have child care.  So you can relax and pamper yourself all while your kids are having fun in our “Little yogi’s room.”