Yoga Philosophy 101 – The Yamas

Yoga Philosophy 101 – The Yamas

Thursday, 2017-06-08
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
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Synergy Hot Yoga

Yoga Philosophy 101:

The Yamas with Meredith.


Make your practice more meaningful; It will make your life better!

Yoga is an original holistic art of living and begins with the removal of negative behaviors, thoughts and actions. This workshop is designed to share how the first part of the 8 fold path – Yamas (restraints) can serve as a starting point for stress reduction in all areas of our lives by teaching us how we can change our approach to, and perspective on life situations (self development, relationships, work etc.)

In this workshop we will take time to explore and reflect on your asana practice and where your thoughts and intentions are.  We will layer on meaning, philosophy and intention and then explore how the same practice feels with a new perspective.

Yoga is meant to teach us how to cultivate joy in each day; let your asana practice bring you there.

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