Yoga for Good Energy Workshop

Yoga for Good Energy Workshop

Friday, 2017-05-19
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
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The Yoga Loft

Get ready for summer with an energy boost. This yoga workshop, perfect for beginners, explores ways to balance your personal energy by learning the Seven Chakras. Katie Grace guides you into an awareness of your energy system and its effect on mood, health and overall well-being. Yoga poses, breathing and meditation tools help you access, heal and balance each chakra.You’ll discover wellness techniques you can use on-the-go to clear stagnant or negative energy. When energy blocks dissolve, you enjoy greater flow, clarity and peace. You will emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of your energy system, feeling lighter, refreshed and eager for what’s next!

Please e-mail or call 732-239-2333 to reserve your spot!