Yoga and Meditation Retreat: Return to Center

Yoga and Meditation Retreat: Return to Center

Sunday, 2017-05-14
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Princeton Center for Yoga & Health

Our Return To Center day will include a gentle morning asana class followed by a walking meditation practice. These practices will help prepare us for a led seated mindful meditation practice. Mindful meditation has been scientifically proven to restructure the brain and trains it to concentrate, feel greater compassion, cope with stress and more.

The afternoon class will be dedicated to restorative yoga which deeply nourishes the nervous system and invites deep relaxation to the body. Restorative yoga is practiced on the floor supported by blankets bolsters and blocks and held for longer periods of time. These simple supported postures help balance the sympathetic (flight, fight or freeze) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system by initiating the “relaxation response”. The relaxation response causes the parasympathetic system to be predominant. By initiating this response, restorative yoga poses greatly help create healing in the entire body. As well as peeling away layers of tension and reducing stress, a clearer space is felt from which one can be guided from within.

We will conclude with sitting meditation followed by conversation.

Our day Return To Center together, hopes to inspire a sense of community, deep relaxation, heightened awareness and tools for daily mindfulness in a modern world.

Advanced students as well as beginning students can benefit from this Yoga and Meditation Retreat designed to profoundly relax and restore energy.


12.00-1:00 pm Gentle Yoga
1.00-1:30 pm Walking Meditation
1:30-2:00 pm Guided Meditation
Tea Break
2:30-4:30 pm Restorative Yoga
4:30-5:00 pm Meditation + Conversation

$120/$108 if registered by 05/10/2017