Womb Wellness

Womb Wellness

Sunday, 2017-04-02
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
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Yoga Peace Kula

The Sanskrit name for a woman’s womb is known as ‘Yoni’.
This is all encompassing of the reproductive system: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The womb is our connection to the very essence of what makes us women.
This space within a woman’s body is the “house” of our Sacred Seat: our center for creativity, flow and fluidity.

Join us for a fun and explorative workshop that is open to all women.

Together we will explore:

-Womb Wellness 101
-Guided Meditation
-Gentle Yoga Postures
-Herbs to Support Hormonal Balance
-Topics such as as V-steams and Yoni eggs
-Explore Self Care Tools for Radiance and Vitality

Workshop is led by Kate Strakosch of Sunshine Kate’s.
Kate is a nourishment coach and womb wellness mentor.
She believes in the connection of nourishment, movement and self-care
as a whole body approach to living a radiant-filled life.