The Pelvic Floor Part 1 – Creating Balance.

The Pelvic Floor Part 1 – Creating Balance.

Saturday, 2017-06-10
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
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The Yoga Loft

The pelvic floor is the connective tissue that spans the opening at the bottom of the pelvis. It forms the base of our physical frame affecting everything from posture, urinary and bowel health, breathing to sexual function. Not often discussed is how it supports our sense of self worth, , “I am” and belonging, as well as holding onto past experiences, including feelings of shame, trauma and dis-empowerment. A lot for a relatively small area! Health issues, life experiences, extensive sitting, stress and unconscious habits like gripping or bearing down can lead to a tight or loose floor and be magnified by improperly practiced squats, Kegels or Mula Bandha. In this workshop we will explore these layers of the pelvic floor through discussion, movement, asana and breathe. You’ll discover how it relates in your body, improve balance and connect with its power.

Through discussion and practice we’ll explore

…..The difference between weak, strong and tense muscles.

….The cause and affect of the pelvis, illness, sexual function, incontinence and bowel health

…..The dance between posture and the pelvic floor.

…..How emotions, life events and breath affect the pelvic floor.

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