Reiki For Autism and Children On The Spectrum With Lori Tomenchok

Reiki For Autism  and Children On The Spectrum With Lori Tomenchok

Wednesday, 2017-04-26
07:30 PM -
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Soulful Awakenings

Restless days and Sleepless nights, high stress, anxiety, worry, fear exhaustion and more
Lori Tomenchok is a Reiki Master, teacher for 40+ years and a private therapist for children with developmental delays and spectrum diagnosis.
Join her for this special class and learn to empower yourself, your family, and your child. 
This is what Lori has to say…
“Dear parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, caregiver of a child with special needs….I know you are well aware of the challenges that are part of the busy, non stop, high energy day of caring for he child. I have the priveledge of working with these children every day. I am gifted daily with overwhelming love as I work with families offering strategies to encourage and help each child grow to their fullest potentil.  However there’s more!  Beyond the strategies, the exercises, the ABA, the DIR…there is a magical, mystical, Divine gift called REIKI.”
This class is designed to give you some techniques to help relax, calm, destress, soothe, and empower you.  It will help you gain confidence in caring for yourself and your family.
YOU will learn: 
What Reiki is
What doctors say
How to empower yourself and others
How to give Reiki to calm, soothe, promote restfull sleep and more…
Reiki is safe, natural, and can be done without even touching your child.  Participants will receive an attunement to Reiki I energy so you can begin to offer Reiki to yourself and your family upon completion of class.
Reiki is now being used in hospitals, pediatric units, neonatal and OB/GYN units, cancer centers, nursing homes, hospice and more.
Course fee $125.00  
To Register call Lori Tomenchok 908-310-5945