Kundalini Yoga Immersion Day with Kartar Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga Immersion Day with Kartar Khalsa

Saturday, 2017-04-01
09:30 AM - 04:30 PM
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Ohana Rising Yoga School

Changing Habits & Shattering Patterns
9:30am- 12:30pm
Our world has been steeped for thousands of years in negative belief systems. Parents unconsciously and telepathically pass onto their children fears, doubts, hesitations, senses of self limitation & lack of self competence. Children between the ages of 3-7, in their eagerness, learn to assimilate these patterns. But now a whole generation is waking up—- intuitively understanding that these generational stories hold us back and slow us down.
You’ll learn the patterns, how they are installed and neurologically and chemically reinforced. You will learn how to disentangle from them and shatter them. In many cases until you are free of them, you don’t even realize you had them.
This workshop is built around clear information, cutting edge research in medicine and neurology and a Yogi Bhajan class taught in 1988 called “Letting Go of the Pain of the Seventh Year.”

Lotus of the Heart
1:30pm- 4:30pm
In December of 1988, Yogi Bhajan taught a class that was one of a series that became endeared with students, so much so that it was recently published. The class is designed to do two things—- to clear trauma and replace the neurological wiring and emotional stickiness that can result from trauma, and open the lotus of the heart. “We all have to live,” he said. “You need the friendship, the strength, the fragrance of the heart. Any flower that does not bud and blossom has no fragrance. Remember that rule. Nature has its own rule. Blossom. Open the Lotus of the Heart.” We will do this together.

Full Day Immersion: $108 early/ $125 day of
Half Day Immersion: $55/ $65 day of
Vegan Lunch Served.

Honored by IKYTA as a Teacher of the Year 2014…
“Kartar is amazing. He holds a wonderful space for people to tap into themselves. He’s authentic about his own human experiences, which allows for people to feel as though everyone is an equal in the room (even Kartar). There’s no ego involved. He’s calm and kind. His retreats are drama-free and wonderful. He listens and answers questions with love. He’s really gifted at giving instruction that strikes the heart and the subconscious mind. He is the best teacher I have had and I’ve had some great teachers.”