Hands on Angel Healing Full Strawberry Moon

Hands on Angel Healing Full Strawberry Moon

Friday, 2017-06-09
07:00 PM -
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Sapphire Holistic Center

with Maura and Elizabeth Fletcher
Friday ~ JUNE 9th
7:00 pm

Hands-on Angel Full Moon Healing dictates that Powerful Healing Energies are available to each of us who are ready to receive this Gift. On top of that, it is a POWERFUL JUNE STRAWBERRY ROSE FULL MOON!
Are you ready? If so, . . . Come be Blessed and Receive this HEALING!

Join our ANGEL-Circle-Of-Healing, where you will be seated comfortably in a chair, and hands will be laid upon you (arms, shoulders, etc. . ) as Healing is directed where needed as per the Angels. We have been Called to share this night with you, and we are honored to do it. The support and clarity of the Moon is an added influence of healing. The Angels have played such a huge roll in our lives. Their support, unconditional love and guidance has created many doorways and opportunities. They will do the same for you. Elizabeth Fletcher joins me in sharing her Powerful Healing Hands with us as she brings forth the Energy of Pure Divine Light and Healing. We both look forward to sharing this Magic with you.

WOO ~ HOO Let Us Heal!!

Please bring (or wear) socks for the Healing.