Friday Night Unwind

Friday Night Unwind

Friday, 2017-06-02
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
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The Yoga Loft

For every season, there is a reason…to give yourself the gift of self-care. June is a month known for so many celebrations that we are truly grateful for. Our lives become busier as the summer approaches, bringing lots of excitement and good vibes our way! Although, these are things to be relished and enjoyed, we can too easily forget to take some quiet time for ourselves, so that we have the energy, to really enjoy ourselves and have some well-deserved FUN.

As soon as you lie down on your mat you are engaged in simple mindful movements for the whole body. You may already begin to notice a sense of relaxation begin to fill your entire being. Specific guided breath awareness and body awareness meditations will lead you even further into a state of harmony and bliss. We will continue to invite the whole self to rest and renew more deeply as we easily transition into restorative poses with support from bolsters, soft blankets and pillows. Your experienced is enhanced by the share of Reiki touch and soothing scents of pure therapeutic grade essential oils handpicked for you and this month’s Friday Night Unwind.

Please e-mail or call 732-239-2333 for reserve your spot to Unwind