Fly & Release (your fears) with Jodi Lynn

In January of 2010, I was living in Hoboken and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training.  A few months later I found out that Lululemon, a store I had never visited but was intrigued by – was opening a new location near my hometown in Shrewsbury NJ.  The job posting talked a lot about yoga so I applied and was invited to a group interview at a yoga class on the beach.  Once I was there I recognized Jodi, a girl I remembered from high school. We had never spoken before, but it was nice to see a familiar face.  She had already been hired, along with 4 or 5 other young women. I was excited to find out I was invited to the next round of interviews. This time we met for a boot camp class at The Atlantic Club in Shrewsbury.   It was a hot day and at some point during the class we made our way outside for a run around (and around, and around) the parking lot.  I was not a runner by any means, and was already slightly terrified considering it was an interview for a job I really wanted.  Jodi came up along side of me.  She encouraged me, she laughed and made me laugh.  It’s not easy to pump someone up energetically, while also helping them relax and be at ease.  This is exactly what Jodi does – time and time again.

(Funny story- less than a year later Jodi and I ran our first half marathon together.)

Today, Jodi continues to bring this exciting energy into the world.  She teaches yoga – and is an aerial yoga teacher trainer through her company Fly & Release Yoga.  For some time she owned and ran Release Yoga Studio in Asbury Park, before going back to her roots of being able to travel and explore more freely.

Jodi is hosting a retreat this October in Greece, as well as an aerial yoga teacher training in November at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ.

You can find Jodi’s teaching schedule, retreat details, training information, and view beautiful photography of her practice here:

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I recently visited Lululemon to take a free class with her, as part of a mini series she was doing for a new studio that opened in Highlands, NJ called Selfless Love Yoga. As always, I left inspired and decided to ask her a few questions about how she continues to face fear with such passion and grace.

What do you do when you’re scared to do something new/different/out of your comfort zone? And what big thing is calling you now that may feel a little scary? (I know you don’t scare easy!)

I love this question! This literally came up last week! Recently, I have been wanting to try a out a different kind of class that I have been way too nervous or scared to go to on my own. I signed up without trying to get anyone to come with me. As the time ticked closer, I tried recruiting my cousin to come but that attempt was unsuccessful. Instead of squashing it and canceling out of the scheduled class, I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and just went for it. What’s the worst that can happen by pushing yourself, you achieve something awesome & enjoy yourself? I am so happy I went! I literally had the best time and met some seriously inspiring women of all shapes and sizes. It was so much fun being a beginner again. I think we often forget what it’s like learning something new. Somewhere along the way we get all serious, forget to laugh & have fun! I feel like I am often pushing myself outside my comfort zone making my dreams happen. For as long as I can remember, I have always pushed through moments of fear with the excitement of the experience. I would rather experience the knowing then the unknowing. My mantra: Feel the fear, feel the excitement & go for it!! If you don’t, someone else will. So why not let it be you?

{Laughter}  I actually do scare easily! That’s why I am often doing things I have never done before. I am usually learning as I go and trying to figure it out. The big thing that is calling me now is… buying a portable aerial rig & the upcoming Greece Retreat.

As a bonus, Jodi let me know a few scary things that she conquered. 

Skydiving, being on stage, performing, leaving a toxic relationship, tough mudder, half marathon, hosting aerial yoga teacher trainings, meeting Mark’s family, looking like a dumbass, looking like a know-it-all.

I’m just trying to live the life I dream of.

Thank you for inspiring us to do the same, we love you!! 


  Monday, June 5th, 2017